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Class: CHEM 02

Instructor: Jorge Ramos, Ph.D.
Office Hours:
As posted in Chemistry Office, Meister Hall 804
Or by appointment, Email:

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Frequently asked Questions

|--Homework questions for next class
|--Missing a Quiz?
|--Missing a Lab?

Homework questions for next class

Next time we will not have a quiz for the class. You will all take a standard quiz that does not affect your grade (like the one from our last class).

Homework for October 18:

  • Chapter 5 page 100: exercices 5,9,15,17,19,36
  • Chapter 10 page 220: exercices 3a,3d,15abc,21,23,27,29,35,45

    Missing a Quiz?

    Since the grade counts as a zero, that is like getting a low grade. The Chemistry department at BCC will allow you to make up a limited number of quizzes for which you got a non passing grade.

    A schedule to make up a quiz is usually posted outside the Chemistry office, if not you should ask someone in the chemistry office for more information.

    Missing a Lab?

    It is best not to miss any labs because a worksheet must be submitted and graded each day.

    If you do miss a lab, you have the option to attend another section where the lab that you missed (or will miss) is being carried out. For a list of these sections, check the course listing in the college homepage.

    Once you find a lab section, you can ask the instructor if it is OK to stay in the room and do the experiment.

    The instructor reserves the right to deny your request. This will likely happen if the room is full.

    If the experiment you need to do was done in a previous week, then all of the above mentioned procedure is useless and you will not be able to recover the points for the lab you missed.